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AluminTechno LLC is the leading manufacturer of aluminum profile systems in Eastern Europe. It consists of 3 manufacturing enterprises and over 20 sales offices around the world. Total area of the plant is 430 000 sq.ft.  Foundry production capacity is over 82 000 metric tonnes of profiles per year.

All factories are high-technology equipped and their production conforms to all quality standards. The equipment includes modern aluminium extrusion lines, powder coating lines, the CIS largest complex for anodizing of aluminium profiles. The quality management system of all enterprises has been certified for compliance to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 by TUV CERT.

Due to the own production units within the Company the specialists of AluminTechno LLC are able to control the quality of the products at all stages of the industrial process: from purchasing of raw materials till creating of finished products and their packing. High quality of AluminTechno LLC products is proved by corresponding certificates and protocols of tests of accredited international companies and leading scientific and technical centres (Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Russia and Bulgaria).

AluminTechno LLC products are supplied to the countries of Eastern and Western Europe such as the Czech Republic, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and others, also to Asia, Africa and North America. ALUTECH systems have been installed at millions of sites in 65 countries of the world.

AluminTechno LLC products have been certified in compliance with the requirements of national standards in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as European and US standards. Quality of the extruded profiles meets the requirements of DIN17615, EN 755-1, EN 755-2 and EN 12020 standards. Aluminium profiles with thermal break are being certified according to NF 252 at CSTB. Technical performances of curtain wall, window and door systems are proven by the test reports of ift Rosenheim, CWCT, TZUS and CSTB in compliance with CE requirements. Curtain walls and thermally broken windows are certified according to AAMA and TAS standards in the USA.

Aluminium extruded profiles manufactured by «AluminTechno» are the only in Eastern Europe whose coating quality has been simultaneously confirmed by Swiss certificates: Qualicoat/Seaside and Qualanod.

The «AluminTechno» factory employs quality control at all production stages, intelligently arranged logistics and highly qualified personnel. Application of the latest technologies and up-to-date automated equipment enables production in compliance with EU standards, including manufacturing of bespoke aluminium profiles based on customer’s drawings.

Qualicoat certificate is the international quality mark for lacquer coated products used in architectural construction.

Seaside Certificate (an addendum to Qualicoat certificate) is the international quality mark confirming lacquer coat resistance of aluminium products to atmospheric exposure in regions with a marine climate.

Qualanod certificate is an international quality mark for anodic coating of products used in architectural construction.